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BRITAX’S B-Motion 3 wins award!


UK – May 2014: Today, leading family lifestyle and child safety brand, BRITAX, is delighted to announce that its lightweight, three-wheeler stroller, the B-MOTION 3, has been awarded the highly coveted ‘Best Buy’ award from Which? Magazine.*

The super smart stroller, which launched in 2013, achieved an outstanding rating after undergoing rigorous independent testing by the Which? team. The perfect choice for parents looking for a one-stop solution to their pushchair woes, the versatile B-MOTION 3 scored top marks for manoeuvrability on both pavements and bumpy off-road terrain thanks to its air-filled rubber wheels and superior rear suspension.

The award-winning stroller features a lightweight aluminium chassis, a quick, easy one-handed fold mechanism and a height-adjustable handlebar that can be simply moved to a position that is exactly right for each individual parent. As an added bonus, the B-MOTION 3 also incorporates a protective barrier on the handle bar avoiding little tears and scratches while standing up folded.

With multi-position seat recline, including lay-flat mode, the B-MOTION 3 provides the ultimate comfort and protection from birth to four years, whilst its detachable CLICK & GO® adapters create a handy travel system when used in conjunction with BRITAX BABY-SAFE infant carriers.
Bengi Bingol Yalcin, Marketing Manager at Britax, comments, “Our teams worked incredibly hard to perfect the design for the B-MOTION 3, so we’re very proud that it’s performed so well in the Which? test. For us, it was all about listening to the needs of real parents and trying to incorporate all of the little features that come in so handy when out and about with little ones. The result was a quality product at a great price point that will grow with families from birth right up to four years of age.”

Further features of the B-MOTION 3 include a spacious shopping basket that is ideal for storing all-important baby essentials on-the-go; a removable, washable seat cover and a raincover that protects the little ones from the elements. The B-MOTION 3 also comes complete with a bumper bar, raincover and CLICK & GO® adapters as standard which are included in the price (RRP £249.99).

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Review of the BRITAX B-Motion 3

As a mum of three children I’ve used a fair number of prams, pushchairs and strollers, and I think it’s very telling that each time I had a new baby I’ve had a new pram…for I’d never settled on one I absolutely loved above all others. I’ve had travel systems, lightweight strollers, four wheelers, three wheelers and everything in between. So after becoming a BRITAX Mumbassador, when they sent me an email asking me to review the new B-Motion 3 I literally jumped up and down on the spot. I didn’t like the pram I currently had – it was rickety didn’t feel sturdy and as a three wheeler would tip over at the slightest imbalance, – so I was very excited to be offered this fantastic review opportunity, and couldn’t wait for the delivery.

It came a few days later and I un-boxed it quickly.


I was going to wait until all three of my children were asleep before assembling it as I wanted to concentrate fully…however, assembly was so ridiculously easy I did it then and there. The instructions were clear and the parts fitted together like a dream…and off on the school run we went. The first thing I noticed was how secure and steady the B-Motion 3 felt. It was strong, robust and – unlike the pram I had been using – didn’t feel like it was going to tip over at all.

Over the last few weeks I have used the pram in many different places: on farms, in shops, fields, on pavements, mud…and have tested it thoroughly. Here is my list of positive things about the pram, and (only a couple) of minor things not so positive for me.

Things I love about the BRITAX B-Motion 3…

* SIMPLICITY: The ease with which this pram is put up and subsequently collapsed is brilliant. You can simply collapse it one-handed by just pressing a button on the side, lifting up the fabric handle in the middle and it’s neatly folded in half. And to put up, press one button and pull up on the handle bar. I’ve had elaborate affairs before that take all manner of wangling to get up and down – one pram my husband even refused to use because it was so complicated. This one, with it’s one handed pull-fold mechanism, is by far the simplest pram I’ve ever used.

*STURDINESS: This pushchair feels so secure when you push it. It’s strong and well built and I felt my toddler was extremely safe when placed in it. As a three wheeler it’s great to push and I’ve even (shock horror for those who know me) been running with it which was a dream. (shin splints aside) The lockable swivel front wheel is great if you do want to run or jog with the pushchair.

*SMOOTH: It really is a brilliant all-terrain pushchair. It travels over bumpy grounds and rides over grass and pavements with ease. When my toddler falls asleep in the B-Motion 3 (which is rare, but that’s down to him not the pushchair!) whatever the level of unevenness the ground throws at me the journey is always smooth and he stays asleep. Without doubt the superior rear suspension provides an extremely smooth ride, while the air-filled rubber wheels allow you to tackle any terrain.

*SIZE: The B-Motion 3 is not as bulky as other pushchairs I’ve had. It’s not as wide as other prams and pushchairs and can be easily manoeuvred around shops (no more knocking things off shelves or having to reverse out awkwardly!) and folds down flat and compact to fit easily in the boot of a car. Perfect!

*SUN-SHADE and STORAGE POCKET: The sunshade of the pushchair clicks into three different position offering various levels of shade, without totally encasing my toddler so he can still see the surroundings! It also has a little viewing hole so I can still see him, which is very useful. And the large storage pocket in the canopy, which hangs under the handlebar is genius; I put a couple of nappies, wipes and snacks in there so I’m never caught short!

Things I didn’t love about the BRITAX B-Motion 3…

* STORAGE: There is a lovely big basket under the pram to put shopping bags or anything else you might need, however sometimes I found it tricky putting things in there and had to approach it from the side, pulling down the net to do so as the bar at the back of the storage is very sturdy and doesn’t leave a lot of room to put things in.

*RAIN COVER: This one really applies to all rain covers, I find them bulky and not easy to transport around with any pram or pushchair and sadly this rain cover is the same. Unless it’s raining and the cover is in use it’s difficult to take anywhere with you as it doesn’t fold down well or fit in the storage easily.

*WEIGHT: Put simply, whilst this pram weighs only 11kg I’d didn’t think it was the lightest of prams (although equally it’s not the heaviest) and takes some effort for me to put in the boot of my car. This wouldn’t put me off having a B-Motion 3 at all though, as the positives far outweigh this minor issue for me.

Overall I genuinely love this pushchair, it would seem like my quest to find the perfect one is well and truly over! My toddler is now 19 months, however this pushchair can be used from birth – Using the detachable CLICK & GO® adaptors, you can simply fit the BABY-SAFE infant carriers, BABY-SAFE Sleeper or carrycot directly onto the chassis to create your ideal travel system. B-MOTION also features a multi-position seat recline including a lay-flat mode, vital for newborns. I really would highly recommend the B-Motion 3.

I received the B-Motion 3 for the purpose of this review as part of the BRITAX Mumbassador programme.