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At the age of thirty-nine and with a fifteen year old daughter I am very aware of how to take the perfect selfie – how to tilt my head; choose a filter – and my friends often joke about how I Instagram the sh** out of everything. I once even downloaded an app that smoothed away my laughter lines and erased my wrinkles.

I agree with growing old gracefully, of course, but approaching forty I’m not quite ready to let go of my prominent cheekbones and hydrated skin. Photoshopping can only work for so long before you begin to no longer resemble the person in the photo. And so, posh creams and filters aside I wanted something that would have lasting and visible effects.

And that is when I was introduced to Skinade by the amazing Amanda Hawkins at My Face Aesthetic It’s a daily collagen drink, which enables your body to be healthy from the inside out and get beautiful skin from within…

Skinade is a multi-award winning, natural peach and mangosteen flavoured anti-ageing collagen drink containing a patent pending formulation of active ingredients that boosts your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Skinade improves the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 30 days.
Skinade has been developed by leading UK scientists and is designed to provide a perfect ratio of liquid to active ingredients to create one of the most advanced, effective and bio-available anti-ageing skincare products on the market today. Skinade is an alternative approach to your skincare regime – a drink that works from the inside out.

The ingredients are all natural – vitamins, marine collagen, l-lysine and flax seed oil – and it tastes great. It’s best taken before or with breakfast and an hour before or after caffeine, and it does not take long to see results. These two photos of me were taken ten days apart and I can see the difference.

Days 1 and 10 Skinade

My skin felt more hydrated and I also had more energy after only ten days, thanks to the B vitamins it contains. After thirty days it has become an essential part of my daily routine and the results have been even more pronounced.

Days 1 and 30

The liquid formula in Skinade offers a huge advantage in terms of absorption rates. Skinade functions isotonically ensuring that our collagen peptides and essential micro-nutrients achieve an absorption rate of 90-95% – a level that can never be matched by tablets, or powders suspended in solution.

Your skin is the largest organ in the human body and deserves to be looked after. It’s not cheap, but if you think of it as the equivalent of buying a latte a day then it’s worth every penny and not outrageously expensive. And once you’ve been drinking it every day for a while you can always start having it 3-5 times a week to maintain its powerful effects.

I am usually sceptical of this kind of thing, but it works! It really works! Try it and see, you will not be disappointed.

I was given 30 days of Skinade for the purpose of this review. I shall now be buying some more 😉

Blossom Jewels

Blossom Jewels is a new and unique online jewellery shop. They custom make a variety of stylish jewellery – beautiful pieces, which are the perfect accessory for any outfit. Vibrant colours and new, bold designs by cutting edge designers ensure that within their range of bracelets, rings and earrings there is a style to suit everyone and every taste. Endlessly versatile – wear with fancy outfits or jeans and always look cool.

Andrea McCurdy is one of their new in-house designers and has created the Intuition range. She has lived and worked in many places around the world and gets her inspiration from beautiful objects. Her rings are stackable and available in a range of customisable designs. You can create your own stylish combination of stackable rings from four different designs to fit your own personal style. These designs are also available in different metal and stone combinations…rose gold, white gold or sterling silver. With stones in smoky quartz, aquamarine, black spinel, pink tourmaline and peridot.

The website has a handy tool that allows you to view each ring in every combination. There are many wonderful possibilities and once purchased Andrea’s rings will become a part of you – you will not want to take them off.

Meraki 3

I was lucky enough to be sent the Meraki ring by Blossom Jewels. Available with four different stones choices as the centrepiece I chose smoky quartz, with white sapphire accent stones and in sterling silver. And it is stunning.


Meraki 2

The Meraki ring works well worn alone, or with any of the combination of other rings. My personal favourite to wear it with would be the Mudita shaped ring.

Meraki 4

The Meraki ring is comfortable to wear, is finished to a high standard and the quality is excellent. I have also found the service from Blossom Jewels to be efficient – it may not be the speediest of services, they are custom making it after all – but you are guaranteed safe delivery of your unique stackable rings as well as an accurate ring size thanks to their helpful chart and ring-sizing tool online.

So if you are looking to treat yourself, or maybe surprise someone special with a gift that will last a lifetime, then you need to check out! I know that the rings from the Intuition range will definitely be on my wish list from now on, so many people comment on how beautiful they are and ask me where I got them from. Knowing me, I won’t stop until I own the entire collection! Especially as they will soon be flattered by necklaces and earrings from Andrea’s upcoming range. These will be first on my list…

Rings 5

You can find Blossom Jewels on Twitter @BlossomJewels_, Instagram Blossom_Jewels, and Facebook Blossomjewels.

Mrs Vyle

It will come as no surprise to you to discover I love books. Reading them, and writing them has always been such a huge source of enjoyment to me. And as a mother and a teacher one of my passions is instilling a love of reading for pleasure in children – something that is not always easy.

Luckily there is such an amazing array of talented new writers around to help! One of them – James Hallsworth, a father of two who writes fun, rhyming storybooks for young children – sent me a copy of the manuscript of his brilliant new children’s book, Mrs Vyle.

Mrs Vyle has been illustrated by the fantastic Helen Braid (who illustrated A Monster Ate My Mum for me) and contains all of the ingredients for a book that children will love.

Here is a summary of the book taken from James’s web page..

A strange and unpleasant new teacher has arrived in class. Pointy claws, sharp yellow fangs and skin that is definitely bit green: could she be a monster? Join the smart and brave classmates as they reveal the truth about their slobbery, smelly and green-ish imposter – despite the snooty Molly. But who can help them overcome the terrible Mrs Vyle…??

It’s written in rhyme which helps the story to flow perfectly, and James is currently very close to the 250 pre-orders he needs in order for Mrs Vyle to be published with Britain’s Next Bestseller. So if you love slobbery monster-teachers, cheeky children and books that are fun and silly, then visit his site, pre-order the book and make his day! Check it out and get more information here…

Review of the BOB Revolution® PRO

As you all know I love being a BRITAX Mumbassador! Recently I was lucky enough to be given another amazing opportunity through them, and was sent the new BOB Revolution® PRO to review. It’s a pushchair unlike one I’ve ever had before, and has fast become one of my favourites.

Since reviewing the B-Motion 3 I’ve favoured three wheeled pushchairs, they’re easier to push, and in my opinion a smoother ride. The BOB Revolution® PRO was no exception! Perfect for travelling easily over different terrains it is a dream to control when power walking or running, and is very easy to manoeuvre.

Designed with the busy parent in mind, the new BOB Revolution® PRO stroller is the first pushchair on the market that has a front swivel wheel which is safe and approved for running in the UK and Europe. So you can run to the shops and back all with your little one in tow! It also has hand-activated rear drum brakes and is perfect for using on steep hills!

Things I love about the BOB Revolution® PRO

*Ease: The pushchair is extremely easy to put up and collapse and is one of the easiest systems I’ve seen. By pressing on two leavers and pushing the top of the stroller forwards it neatly folds up, then you can pull up on a handle to place in a car or to where it’s stored. There is a strap and clip to keep it folded down, however I rarely use this as it sits neatly in the boot of my car without needing it to be clasped shut.

*Manoeuvre: As I’ve already mentioned this pushchair is a dream to push, whether you’re walking, power walking or running in sport mode, it is smooth and can easily be pushed and controlled using one hand. Lifting the front wheel up to go up onto a pavement is done using a light touch, and the break on the handlebar offers extra control. Its state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system provides an exceptionally smooth ride. The pushchair has high-impact polymer composite wheels with pneumatic tyres to take on tough terrain. I’ve used it in woodland, on the beach and off road and it has been amazing!

*Extra features: We love the large viewing window on the top of the canopy. I can easily see if my toddler has fallen asleep and he can see me when he needs to. The little pockets at the side of where he sits are also brilliant, allowing me to place a water bottle or snack there ready for when he’d like them so I don’t have to interrupt my walk/run. The canopy is also extra large and perfect letting my toddler snooze in the shade.

What I don’t love about the BOB Revolution® PRO

*Size: Whilst it’s not the largest pram I’ve owned it is quite long and I have regularly found myself accidentally knocking people heels. (which NEVER goes down well) The back two wheels are quite wide and when I have used the pram when shopping I have found it too wide for some stores, knocking several things off the shelves in the process! Perfect in a supermarket though for your post-workout snack shopping!

*Weight: Even though it is a lightweight stroller, for me it still feels quite heavy and cumbersome to lift. It wouldn’t put me off buying the pushchair as the positives outweigh this issue for me. And besides, it’s a pram for fitness fanatics and so lifting it has just become part of my exercise routine! 😉

If you are a busy parent who loves the outdoors I would definitely recommend the BOB Revolution® PRO. It is a brilliant pushchair to use when out and about walking, power walking or running – with the reassurance of knowing your little one is comfortable along the ride!

I was sent the BOB Revolution® PRO to review by BRITAX as part of the Mumbassador Program.


Little Casa Pyjamas Review

I’ve always loved pyjamas…especially on children! They signify the end of what has usually been a very busy day, and means that bed time is on the horizon!

Recently I was emailed by Little Casa – an online children’s clothing store – and asked if I’d like to review some of their baby clothes. Which of course I did, and of course I chose pyjamas!

Little Casa do a huge range of gorgeous clothing for children, at affordable prices. Jumpers, sleep suits, vests, pyjamas and so much more – there is a great range, including many top brands.

I chose the Superman pyjamas for my youngest (ok well, my 5 year old chose them to match his!) and we love them. They are made from 100% cotton so are perfect for delicate skin. So comfortable, they don’t lose shape or colour no matter how many times you wash them (which for us has been quite a few times now) and fit really nicely. Aged 2-3 years they’re a good size, not too baggy and yet plenty of room for growth!




As you can see my youngest was more than happy in them, becoming sleepy as soon as I put them on! 😉

There is such a fantastic range of children’s clothes aged 0 – 6 years old and bedding on the website, that I can see myself shopping there again and again – especially now there is currently an offer for free delivery on orders over £30! Check out and have a look!

Review of the BRITAX B-Motion 3

As a mum of three children I’ve used a fair number of prams, pushchairs and strollers, and I think it’s very telling that each time I had a new baby I’ve had a new pram…for I’d never settled on one I absolutely loved above all others. I’ve had travel systems, lightweight strollers, four wheelers, three wheelers and everything in between. So after becoming a BRITAX Mumbassador, when they sent me an email asking me to review the new B-Motion 3 I literally jumped up and down on the spot. I didn’t like the pram I currently had – it was rickety didn’t feel sturdy and as a three wheeler would tip over at the slightest imbalance, – so I was very excited to be offered this fantastic review opportunity, and couldn’t wait for the delivery.

It came a few days later and I un-boxed it quickly.


I was going to wait until all three of my children were asleep before assembling it as I wanted to concentrate fully…however, assembly was so ridiculously easy I did it then and there. The instructions were clear and the parts fitted together like a dream…and off on the school run we went. The first thing I noticed was how secure and steady the B-Motion 3 felt. It was strong, robust and – unlike the pram I had been using – didn’t feel like it was going to tip over at all.

Over the last few weeks I have used the pram in many different places: on farms, in shops, fields, on pavements, mud…and have tested it thoroughly. Here is my list of positive things about the pram, and (only a couple) of minor things not so positive for me.

Things I love about the BRITAX B-Motion 3…

* SIMPLICITY: The ease with which this pram is put up and subsequently collapsed is brilliant. You can simply collapse it one-handed by just pressing a button on the side, lifting up the fabric handle in the middle and it’s neatly folded in half. And to put up, press one button and pull up on the handle bar. I’ve had elaborate affairs before that take all manner of wangling to get up and down – one pram my husband even refused to use because it was so complicated. This one, with it’s one handed pull-fold mechanism, is by far the simplest pram I’ve ever used.

*STURDINESS: This pushchair feels so secure when you push it. It’s strong and well built and I felt my toddler was extremely safe when placed in it. As a three wheeler it’s great to push and I’ve even (shock horror for those who know me) been running with it which was a dream. (shin splints aside) The lockable swivel front wheel is great if you do want to run or jog with the pushchair.

*SMOOTH: It really is a brilliant all-terrain pushchair. It travels over bumpy grounds and rides over grass and pavements with ease. When my toddler falls asleep in the B-Motion 3 (which is rare, but that’s down to him not the pushchair!) whatever the level of unevenness the ground throws at me the journey is always smooth and he stays asleep. Without doubt the superior rear suspension provides an extremely smooth ride, while the air-filled rubber wheels allow you to tackle any terrain.

*SIZE: The B-Motion 3 is not as bulky as other pushchairs I’ve had. It’s not as wide as other prams and pushchairs and can be easily manoeuvred around shops (no more knocking things off shelves or having to reverse out awkwardly!) and folds down flat and compact to fit easily in the boot of a car. Perfect!

*SUN-SHADE and STORAGE POCKET: The sunshade of the pushchair clicks into three different position offering various levels of shade, without totally encasing my toddler so he can still see the surroundings! It also has a little viewing hole so I can still see him, which is very useful. And the large storage pocket in the canopy, which hangs under the handlebar is genius; I put a couple of nappies, wipes and snacks in there so I’m never caught short!

Things I didn’t love about the BRITAX B-Motion 3…

* STORAGE: There is a lovely big basket under the pram to put shopping bags or anything else you might need, however sometimes I found it tricky putting things in there and had to approach it from the side, pulling down the net to do so as the bar at the back of the storage is very sturdy and doesn’t leave a lot of room to put things in.

*RAIN COVER: This one really applies to all rain covers, I find them bulky and not easy to transport around with any pram or pushchair and sadly this rain cover is the same. Unless it’s raining and the cover is in use it’s difficult to take anywhere with you as it doesn’t fold down well or fit in the storage easily.

*WEIGHT: Put simply, whilst this pram weighs only 11kg I’d didn’t think it was the lightest of prams (although equally it’s not the heaviest) and takes some effort for me to put in the boot of my car. This wouldn’t put me off having a B-Motion 3 at all though, as the positives far outweigh this minor issue for me.

Overall I genuinely love this pushchair, it would seem like my quest to find the perfect one is well and truly over! My toddler is now 19 months, however this pushchair can be used from birth – Using the detachable CLICK & GO® adaptors, you can simply fit the BABY-SAFE infant carriers, BABY-SAFE Sleeper or carrycot directly onto the chassis to create your ideal travel system. B-MOTION also features a multi-position seat recline including a lay-flat mode, vital for newborns. I really would highly recommend the B-Motion 3.

I received the B-Motion 3 for the purpose of this review as part of the BRITAX Mumbassador programme.


Choosing the Right Pushchair for Your Family!

Last week I received an extremely exciting email letting me know that @BritaxUK would like to send me one of their new B-MOTION 3 strollers to review! I am ridiculously excited and hopefully it will arrive this week! It made me think about what you need to look for when choosing a pushchair and thankfully BRITAX have some very handy top tips…


From lightweight three-wheelers to travel systems and off-road strollers – there’s a huge array of pushchairs available to choose from, and it can be difficult for new parents to know where to start.

Ask any seasoned mum if she would fork out for the same first pram again and she is likely to say no. In fact, she is more than likely to have one or two more prams back at home in her quest to find the pushchair that satisfied all her and her baby’s needs.

BRITAX has been speaking and working with mums for decades, and, in the hope of helping new mums learn from other mum’s mistakes and save some serious time and money, we have developed a few simple tips to consider before splashing hard earned cash.


Think comfort. A comfy baby is a happy baby, so think seats that fully recline, are spacious and well padded. Think cosy footmuffs, smart raincovers and hoods that protect your little ones from the elements.

Think practically. Don’t forget, the needs of a baby and toddler are very different and they soon grow. Older toddlers will still need space for a comfortable snooze when their batteries run low.

A boisterous toddler (and tired mum) can be heavy handed and you need to look for a pushchair that has good quality features that can stand a good deal of wear and tear.

Also, think, will the pushchair be handed down to a new sibling in a couple of year’s time? Look for a hardwearing fabric that will work for both boys and girls.


Do you need something lightweight that you can easily get on and off buses, fold up quickly to put in the boot of your car? Carry up a flight of stairs? Do you need a heavy weight pram that you can pound the pavements with, with a large shopping basket for all your food shopping?

Considering your lifestyle requirements alongside the needs of your child are key in selecting the right pushchair for your family. With almost 50 years’ experience in manufacturing pushchairs and travel systems, BRITAX has something for every family and every lifestyle.

Consider the following points before you make your final decision…

*If you have a newborn baby, your pushchair should have a full lie-back seat unit. Not only is this the most comfortable position for your new arrival, it is also much safer and will help protect the soft bones in their neck whilst you’re on the move. Some models, such as our BRITAX affinity also come with fully reversible seat units so your baby can face you

*Those families with twins or small children close in age will need to find a pushchair to suit the needs of both siblings. Double side-by-side pushchairs such as the B-AGILE Double, or tandem options such as the B-DUAL offer fantastic features that will suit any family looking after two young children

*Inner city mums are likely to be looking for something lightweight, with good portability that’s easily collapsible (preferably with a one-handed pull fold mechanism), particularly if you’ll be using their pushchair on public transport or have steps leading to your house. For those looking for a great all rounder which works well in the park or at the shops, the B-MOTION family caters for children from birth up to approximately four years of age

*Alternatively, those living in the countryside might like to make the most of their surroundings with an all-terrain stroller such as the BOB Sport Utility Stroller – its textured tyres and superior suspension will ensure a smooth ride for your child on even the bumpiest terrains

*All of the BRITAX pushchairs can convert to what is known as a travel system – using very simple CLICK & GO adaptors, you can attach a host of carriers, sleepers and carrycots


You don’t need to spend a fortune to get great quality practical features. You need a pushchair that reclines, is well padded, is safe and provides a comfortable experience for both mum and baby.

Think carefully about whether you will be passing the buggy down to a future sibling – in which case it may be worth spending a little bit more money to ensure it wears well.

Shop around for the best deals, as there are always great offers. BRITAX offers something for every family and for every budget.


Try before you buy – get a proper feel for how it folds, manoeuvres, how much storage space it offers, the height and feel of the handle bars…

Think about where you will be storing the pushchair – in your car, in the hallway, have you got the right amount of space?

Look and see which accessories are included in the price, there are always some great deals to be had.

And remember, it is possible to tick all the boxes; it just takes a little research and testing!

This post was brought to you as part of the BRITAX Mumbassador program of which I am extremely lucky to be a part of.


Mia Tui Review

Bags: A bag (also known regionally as a sack) is a common tool in the form of a non-rigid container. The use of bags predates recorded history, with the earliest bags being no more than lengths of animal skin or woven plant fibers, folded up at the edges and secured in that shape with strings of the same material.

Oh what a brilliant quote, and there couldn’t be a better way to start this review than with this quote as Mia Tui bags are without doubt both classy and fabulous!

I first discovered Mia Tui, through Twitter, last year in November. I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the baby changing bag I had (I won’t tell you the name, but it wasn’t cheap) as I could never find anything and it didn’t open wide enough for me to even have a proper look. It drove me nuts that every time I needed something, I had to empty the entire bag out onto the floor (not great when you’ve a young baby with you) and don’t get me started on the amount of times I lost my keys in the depths of it. So, when I saw Mia Tui advertising their bags I instantly wanted one. Their unique and award winning interiors make it impossible to lose anything! There is a place for everything, and their range of stylish bags will suit everyone for every occasion. Baby changing bag, work bag, gym bag…their uses are endless.

I quickly persuaded my husband to purchase the Minnie Amelie in steel blue (gorgeous colour) as my Christmas present. A smaller version of their signature Amelie bag, this bag can be can be used as a changing bag, travel or work bag. Waterproof inside and out with multiple pockets, clips and extra clear bags (great when travelling) meant it was perfect as changing bag for me and I never lost my keys again!

I then visited The Baby Show and met the lovely Charlotte, who is the genius behind Mia Tui, in person. She was lovely and so helpful and there was such an amazing offer on that I ended up going home with two more Mia Tui bags…an Amelie which is now used as our family swimming bag, and a Sofia which is my work bag with enough space for notebooks, my iPad, pens, lunch and so much more!

Now…you’d think I’d be happy with my Mia Tui stash of bags wouldn’t you?! But no…ever since I first discovered them I had had my eye on the Grace. I loved the fact that it had the option of it being a cross-body satchel or a more traditional under the arm handbag. And with my youngest being a toddler I didn’t need to carry quite so much stuff out and about with me on a daily basis so was looking for a smaller bag. So I tweeted Charlotte and asked if she’d like me to review one…the next day the bag arrived and it is amazing!

The sand colour is so stylish and people ask me all of the time where I got my bag from…many of my friends have gone home to purchase their own after seeing mine! The interior is spacious and the layout makes everything so easy to find.

The clear bags are big enough for me to put in a few nappies and a packet of wipes and the bag has plenty of space for spare toddler clothes and snacks. My Mia Tui purse (yes I have one of those too!) fits in perfectly and the small clutch bag that comes with it is perfect for my, erm lady things. I love bags that have zip closures so everything can’t fall out and so this fitted the bill there too. It has the elastic clip for my keys so I can reach in with my toddler-free arm and find them in no time. Quite simply I love it, it really is functional and stylish…and fabulous!

So now wherever I go I take a Mia Tui bag with me…and more often than not, more than one!


Yeo Valley

Yoghurt: Yogurt or yoghurt or yoghourt (/ˈjoʊɡərt/ or /ˈjɒɡərt/; other spellings listed below) is a fermented milk product (soy milk, nut milks such as almond milk, and coconut milk can also be used) produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria used to make yogurt are known as “yogurt cultures”.

Support British farmers; buy British; we’re all part of a family and very hands on; we do the right thing…these are some of the phrases that will forever stay with me when I think about Yeo Valley Farm or eat some of their fabulous yoghurt.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit Yeo Valley HQ and go on the most wonderful farm tour. As soon as we walked into the building we were welcomed; as we walked down the ‘reasons to be cheerful’ corridor on our way to a cup of tea and some of the most delicious cakes I’ve eaten we were made to feel at home, and by the end of the day we felt like we had experienced a taste of what it feels like to be part of the wonderful, passionate family that makes up Yeo Valley.

I must admit that as I set off in the morning I didn’t know what to expect. I packed my welly boots thinking I’d be wading through mud and admiring cows from afar! The boots were not needed, but the cows were admired…both from afar and close up, including the most adorable Hereford cross bull calf born only the night before.

The tour started with a walk around some of the fields surrounding the farm, learning from the brilliant Les all about the geographical history of the landscape and how over time man has shaped the landscape whilst working in harmony with it.

We learnt about what it truly means to be organic and that Yeo Valley is an organisation that stretches across the South West, surrounding the M4 and M5 and employing around 1600 people. The views across the landscape from the fields were breathtaking and it was whilst we were all admiring them that we learnt something that none of us knew before…Yeo Valley yoghurt is the ONLY British owned and produced yoghurt on the market! It amazed us all that so much yoghurt is imported…we couldn’t fathom out why! We need to support British farmers more!

Lunch was eaten in one of the converted old redundant farm buildings. I ate far too much cheese (thank you for your portion Jenny Paulin!) and ended the meal with my favourite flavour of lemon curd yoghurt. Next were the gorgeous cows (never thought I’d say that about cows!) and we learnt about the different types of cows there are on the farm. That some are pregnant now, others dry for a short period of time and how the bulls fall into two categories…top studs who father the next generations and others sold on for beef. Everyone involved was very passionate when speaking about their work on the farm and you couldn’t help but become a bit passionate about it too!

Finally we were to end the tour with a trip on The Bedford which was so calming it nearly sent a few of us to sleep,in-spite of it being a bit of a bumpy ride!

Fields of red clover, fields of cows and one very lucky bull, fields of Miscanthus (an interesting fuel crop) and more gorgeous views passed us by before we returned to HQ for more tea and yummy cake.

I can honestly say that I was wowed by Yeo Valley, that I never expected to be so absorbed by everyone’s enthusiasm and love for what they do. At Yeo Valley they work hard to do the right thing and provide their customers with British, organic, delicious yoghurt. (of which I bought lots and lots in the staff shop!!) I had a truly wonderful day there and hope I’m invited back very soon. (hint hint!)

Thank you Yeo Valley!

These opinions are genuinely my own. I also received the fabulous Yeo Valley cookbook at the end of the day which I would highly recommend.


Vacuum Cleaners: A vacuum cleaner is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors, and optionally from other surfaces as well. The dirt is collected by either a dustbag or a cyclone for later disposal. Vacuum cleaners, which are used in homes as well as in industry, exist in a variety of sizes and models.

My group of female friends fall into two camps: those who like cleaning, and those who don’t. The former finding that cleansing their houses cleanses their minds as well; and the latter thinking that life is too short to spend hours making the silver sparkle! (ok, not silver, but you get my point) Either way it needs to be done and anything that can do it well and make it easier in my mind, is a bonus.

So today I’m going to be talking vacuum cleaners (yes, really) and the ultimate wish list for a good vacuum. For this I began by asking a very good friend of mine who, like Monica from friends has a mini vacuum to clean her big vacuum. She helped come up with the ultimate vacuum wish-list, which goes as follows…

1. Suction It seemed obvious to start with this key essential wish, for if vacuums had no suction (we’ve all had one, mine was at university and it picked up no dust and dirt at all!) then they’d be pointless. After my rubbish university vacuum I vowed to always have an amazing one that made vacuuming effortless and that is when I purchased my first ever Dyson vacuum cleaner from John Lewis and I have not once looked back.

They pick up everything and have two tiers of cyclones to capture more microscopic dust; and with two asthmatic children and a cat in the house, this alone is worth its weight in gold. Dyson say their vacuums remove more dust than any other vacuum, and I’d be inclined to agree!

2. Flexibility How many of us have got frustrated by the vacuum becoming stuck behind us as we move on to another room, or when there are stairs it cannot reach or awkward nooks and crannies that it won’t stretch to? Well Dyson have a solution for all of those problems. From Dyson Ball vacuums which turn easily around every corner, to vacuums with lightweight adjustable wands that extend to the length you need for high-reach cleaning. And they come with stair tools…result!

3. Attachments Dyson engineers put as much thought into developing Dyson tools as they do Dyson machines and their attachments. A crevice tool, a mattress tool and many others. No excuse for dirty curtains or losing money down the side of the sofa ever again!

4. Easy to empty We’ve all heard the catchphrase ‘No bag. No loss of suction!’ Dyson’s bagless technology makes emptying the dust and grime out of your vacuum cleaner ridiculously easy. Gone are the days (if you are old enough to remember of course) of vacuum bags that regularly burst spurting all of the dirt and dust you’d spent so long cleaning up back out again onto the floor in one soul destroying heap. This used to happen to me a lot, but maybe that was because I was always too lazy to empty the bag in the first place and hence it would overfill and burst. (I can see my mum rolling her eyes and nodding to this confession!) Now I still wait for as long as possible to empty the vacuum, but it never bursts or loses suction!

Don’t just take my word for it, have a look for yourselves! And if it’s not a vacuum cleaner you’re after then it’s worth noting that Dyson also do fans and heaters, all with their unique technology. Now…I’ve got some vacuuming that needs doing!

This post was written for John Lewis for which I received payment.

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