Rise Above

Above: a·bove, adv. On high; overhead: the clouds above. In heaven; heavenward. In or to a higher rank or position: the ranks of major and above. Superior to in rank, position, or number; greater than: put principles above expediency. Idiom: above all, over and above all other factors or considerations: Above all, tell the truth. (Free Dictionary)

Rise Above

I like to please.
Get knocked down easily.
Take thing personally.
Cry sometimes.

Always seeking approval.
Need to be needed,
Busy and useful.

Harsh words out of nowhere hurt me.
Make me doubt,
Mistrust myself.

Looking for reassurance.
Empathy and support.
But eyes roll and tongues wag,
Am an irritation.

Love to be liked.
Like to be loved.
Try my best, but,
Knocked down again.

Rise above, pain no more.
Move on.
Surround myself with loveliness,
kindness, honesty and openness.

Rise above it all.
And let it go.

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20 thoughts on “Rise Above

  1. sums up How I feel much of the time! Need to learn not to worry about what other people think so much. Sometimes we need to please ourselves not everyone else x

  2. I can relate to this – I’m a total people pleaser and take everything to heart. I’m getting slightly better as I get older but not that much! Lovely words once again x

  3. Oh my gosh, it was as if I had written these words myself – I am exactly like you!! What a fabulous poem. I love your new look blog too – so clean and fresh, fab! 🙂 Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought xx

  4. This reminds me of something I wrote when I was younger and in a difficult emotional place. I love how raw this poem is. Thankyou for sharing it on Wednesday Words.

    Incidentally, my daughters name means “to rise up”. I naively hope that means she wont face feelings like this.

    Sending hugs xx

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