Have not had many feelings,
For so long they disappeared,
And if I felt a feeling,
It was strange, bizarre, so weird.

The tablets took it all away,
Made me feel quite blank,
But they meant that I could function,
And not feel quite so rank.

Made those dark days disappear,
Trudging through treacle no more,
Made me want to live again,
Not run screaming through my front door.

Am now I’m learning to feel again,
Happiness, sadness, each one,
And learning how to live a life,
I thought forever gone.

Those tablets saved me once before,
Got me back on track,
For now they’re gone, out of my life,
But I know they might be back.

Today I’m feeling happy,
And positive at last,
I’ll hide those dark dark feelings,
And consign them to my past.

I know I am recovering,
It’s refreshing how clearly I see things,
And I know I am so lucky,
To be enjoying these positive feelings.

32 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. judithkingston says:

    It must be amazing to come out the other side of such dark times and to rediscover feelings, good and bad. Yay! Thanks for sharing your lovely poem!

  2. muminahurry says:

    That is such a lovely, well written poem!!! Describes exactly how I’ve felt at my worst and also in the good times. U r very talented!

  3. Very well written. I’m afraid I can’t identify with it as I only suffered depression in my teens and I chose not to take tablets, but I can feel the honesty and the rawness in your words. I am so glad you are better. Thankyou for linking up to Wednesday Words xx

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