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The Madness Before School

Madness: The quality or condition of being insane. See Synonyms at insanity. Great folly: It was sheer madness to attempt the drive during a blizzard. Fury; rage. Enthusiasm; excitement.

The Madness Before School

Mum where’s this, mum where’s that?
Where’s my coat and where’s my hat?
Where are my shoes and where is my book?
Where’s my school bag I can’t find it? LOOK!

I can’t find my pencils, mum where are my pens?
I’m going to be late now, late for my friends!
Mum I need some food, mum I need a drink,
I can’t find my glasses now where are they? THINK!

My tie has gone missing, my key’s just not here,
I left it there I know I did, mum is it near?
I need my PE kit, mum where is my purse?
Why can’t I find them, have you moved them? SEARCH!

I’m off now mum I’ve found all my things,
When you pick me up can you my dance stuff bring?
I don’t know where my dance stuff could be,
Think it’s in my room, I’m not sure. SEE!

The door slams shut, the children are gone.
Enjoy the peace but not for long,
The husband appears, says where are my keys?
Where’s my laptop bag can you find them, PLEASE?

All of things things are here, use your eyes,
They’re under your feet, they’re on the sides,
Organise yourself the evening before
Then you’ll search and panic no

Prose for Thought

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The Coin Part 2

This is part two, you can read part one here. Personally I think part two is a bit pants if I’m honest (and that’s not just me fishing for compliments!) but I am going to embrace #SummerOfWords and post it anyway. I don’t want to lose momentum and it can be edited to death later! Please be honest as always!

Thinking about everything that had led her to this moment, and this place, Megan turned and briskly walked, with the wind blowing sand into her face, back to her car. Closing the rusty door and happily shutting out the cold air she turned to look at her mobile phone. It sat lifeless on the passenger seat, switched off and silent. Would they have discovered her absence yet? Would they be wondering where she was; ringing, texting, desperately needing to know why she had disappeared in the middle of the night? Megan looked at the phone long and hard. It was better this way. Better that they didn’t know and couldn’t find her. It would be difficult for them at first, but soon time would start to heal them, and they would be ok. Besides this wasn’t to be forever, but just until it was safe for everyone for her to return. Which wasn’t yet. It wasn’t safe. For anyone.

A tear slowly trickled down her cheek at that unwelcome thought.
‘This is for the best Megan,’ she said to herself out loud, as if the words somehow made it better, made it all ok, which of course it wasn’t. ‘Now pull yourself together and go and find somewhere to stay and get out of this filthy, smelly car.’ For the car was smelly; another victim of the last few months. Full of bits of food and rubbish from weeks gone by, a range of smells emanated from the footwells and various stains on the seats, that no longer resembled what created them in the first place. The car looked and smelt as hideous as Megan felt. Driving off the deserted beach, as the sun was beginning to rise across the horizon, she thought back to how this mess had all begun. All with that bloody coin.
This is a work in progress! You can read Part 3 here.

Fred Takes Over!

Book review: A book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is analyzed based on content, style, and merit.[1] A book review can be a primary source opinion piece, summary review or scholarly review.[2] Books can be reviewed for printed periodicals, magazines and newspapers, as school work, or for book web sites on the internet. A book review’s length may vary from a single paragraph to a substantial essay. Such a review may evaluate the book on the basis of personal taste

Hello! My name is Fred and I am four years old, which is very big. A couple of weeks ago my mummy went to London. I didn’t like the sound of this at first as I quite like my mummy being here, but she told me it was for very important things so I let her go. And I was pleased she did because when she came back she brought some amazing books with her for me to read!

The first book she brought back was about dinosaurs which are my most favouritest things ever! It is called ‘Things you never knew about dinosaurs’ by Giles Paley-Phillips and I only had to look at the front cover to know I’d like the books as the pictures of the dinosaurs were all very funny and made me laugh! There was one with slime in his mouth!

I asked mummy which one made her laugh and she said the one with the sunglasses on because he had a funny smile. It’s a rhyming book and tells me about all of the things dinosaurs do, did you know they like trampolining? And it says they don’t like Maths which is silly because Maths is brilliant! I was a bit scared on the last page though when I saw a dinosaur with a big knife and fork….I really hope he doesn’t want to eat me, I don’t think I taste very nice!

The other book mummy brought home from London was a book called ‘Goodnight Little One’ by Margaret Wise Brown. I like this one at bedtime as it makes me all nice and sleepy. It’s got lots of my favourite animals in it like monkeys, I love monkeys, they are super cool. The book shows lots of animals going to bed and when mummy reads it the rhythm of the words makes me feel sleepy too. *yawns* I’m tired just thinking about it!

I like both of these books very much and have decided that mummy can now go to London whenever she wants, as long as she brings me back some books!

The Coin

This Monday I’m a bit nervous to admit that I have tried something new on my blog. The lovely Helen Braid has set herself a challenge. A challenge to write her novel organically across the summer, and she has opened up this challenge to other bloggers. You can read all about it here. So this Monday I am embracing that challenge and am offering this start to my novel for you all to read! I haven’t written anything fictional since I was at university which was a while ago now, so please be VERY honest in your comments! 😉

The Coin

August 2010
The sea air was as refreshing as it was chilling. The escape was complete. Wiping a stray strand of her rusty red hair from her face, Megan stared at the waves crashing onto the rocks ahead of her. She felt eerily calm. The wild waves represented her release, her freedom. They were fierce and strong, characteristics that had got her to this place. They wore down the defenceless rocks that stood in their way. They were noisy, relentless and never ending.

She shivered, and took a deep cleansing breath. Her trusty car parked at the back of the hidden beach was full of almost everything she held dear and everything she would need for as long as the escape lasted. Megan had planned this meticulously and had only taken what was absolutely essential. Pulling her coat around her to protect from the bitingly cold wind she placed her hand in its pocket and grasped a coin tightly. She couldn’t have escaped without it. Grasping the coin so hard it dug into her palm, leaving a small indentation, Megan thought of all she had left behind. The coin absorbed what little warmth there was in her body and strangely comforted her. Everything that had led her here had started with that coin. So small and unassuming, yet so powerful.

You can read part 2 here.

I’m also linking this up with Jaime Oliver and #magicmoments as it’s pretty magical that I’ve finally got round to starting a novel!

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