Aurora Borealis and Fireworks

When do we start planning the lives of our children? Is it when we conceive? Or is it earlier than that? Does everyone, unconsciously at least, absorb events, feelings, hopes and dreams, and hold them in a tiny part of their brains ready to transmit to those they may give birth to. We may think, Read More



Diagnosis: the identification of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms. This time next Thursday, I will be sat at home with my fasting six year old, waiting to take him into hospital for a lobectomy. Surgery where he has to have part of his right lung removed because Read More


Power Through

Power Through: (v.) continue despite difficulties Not one normally, To ask for help. Just power through, Fine by myself. Up at night, Work all day. No time for rest, Little time for play. In control of it all, How I want to be seen. No cracks, no failing, Falling apart at the seam. Don’t notice Read More