Tears Bubble

Tears: Lacrimation, or lachrymation, (from Latin lacrima, meaning “tear”) is the secretion of tears. Tears formed through crying are associated with strong internal emotions.

Tears bubble under the surface,
I will not set them free.
They won’t escape, just bubble there;
Always a part of me.

Sadness washes over at times;
Overwhelming, sudden, shock.
Instead of listening, addressing, dealing,
It’s in a box, shut tight, no lock.

Not wanting to admit the pain,
Not seeing the honest truths.
Smile and say I am ok,
Believe it, as if smiling is proof.

Please don’t ask too many questions,
Please don’t delve too deep.
I will not cry, I won’t go there,
I cannot bear to weep.

Just know I take cover, hide away,
Say I’m ok, that I’m fine.
Tears will always bubble inside,
But that’s where they’ll stay for some time.

Prose for Thought

3 thoughts on “Tears Bubble

  1. Oh sweetie – this is so sad. I don’t know whether this is about what is going n with your life at the moment but if it is, I send you a HUGE hug and hope that goes some way to making you feel a bit better. Beautiful poem though xxx #prose4t

  2. So hard sometimes to admit our feelings, especially when the world seems incapable of understanding or has expectations of us we cannot meet. I can’t, as a bloke claim much insight into PND, but as the single parent of a child with special needs I can certainly identify with the other tags, and the fear of failing to cope and the subsequent ‘judgements’ was perhaps heightened by my gender(?) I hope you find a way of expressing some of those feelings – outside of poetry! – soon, and an understanding ear. (#Prose4T)

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