For the body I had, I will not weep.

This poem was inspired by a post by @ErickaWaller1 to whom I recently emailed a picture of my post baby stomach.

I earned this body,
It’s mine to keep.
For the body I had,
I will not weep.

Pert breasts were given,
these saggy ones were not,
I worked hard for them, I fed with them,
I miss the others not.

Stretch marks did not come in my youth,
Nor when I was a teen,
They marked my skin forevermore when my babies grew within.

My stomach once was beautifully flat,
Then three times a rounded dome.
Smooth and flawless skin outside,
Before inside became a home.

Darkness reigns beneath my eyes,
Puffed and wrinkled now for a while.
I love those lines for each one marks,
the times you’ve made me smile.

It’s where I grew you, where I first loved you,
Upon where you fell asleep,
For my old body, waiting to grow you,
I will not now nor ever weep.

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24 thoughts on “For the body I had, I will not weep.

  1. Perfect. Are you familiar with Wow by Hollie McNish? If not then treat yourself to a listen now, it’s beautiful. It’s sad that you feel you have to say don’t worry I haven’t posted a picture of my belly here. Says how much is wrong with our society. Baby bellies should be upheld as icons of beauty as far as I am concerned. Think of all that they have done. They are wonderful.

  2. I didn’t know that as you! Good on you for sharing πŸ˜‰ This poem is beautiful. None of us should ever feel bad about what children have done to our bodies! I kind of prefer mine now – I know that sounds weird but I feel like it shows signs of accomplishment, and I’ve juts grown up and realised I’m never gonna look like a supermodel frankly! lol x Viva la stretchmarks… lol xx

  3. Beautiful poem that perfectly captures the changes that motherhood brings. My post-baby body is no where near what it was pre-baby but somehow I am prouder of it! I think all mothers should be proud of our bodies even though sometimes it is easier said than done.Your poem is a great affirmation.

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