Different, but the same

I’d just like to say that after reading this poem back, it could possibly sound like I’m a bit dissatisfied with my life at the moment, which couldn’t be further from the truth!! I guess I’m just very aware at times that even though I do different things everyday, my days are still very much centred around the same stuff I do as a mum….and I really do sometimes feel like I am forever on my hands and knees clearing food from the floor…just from lots of different floors!

Each day I wake, know what’s ahead,
Rub my eyes get out of bed.
Packed lunch to make, teeth to clean,
A few smiles and tantrums in between.

School run; walk come rain or shine.
Smile and wave, pretend I’m fine.
Home to put breakfast things away.
Change a nappy, out for the day.

Different people, same things we say.
Talking comes easily, brightens the day.
Home to make lunch, pick remains off the floor.
Nap time, me time, always need more.

Pick up from school, pop here and there;
Dentists, shopping, cutting of hair.
Home for dinner, cooking some more.
Again clearing remains up from the floor.

Bath time, bedtime; one, two then three.
Time for just my husband and me.
Exhausted and sleepy, weary from work,
Eyes start to close, limbs start to jerk.

Head hits the pillow, another day done,
A new one tomorrow, opportunity for fun.
Another play date, another game,
Each day different, yet somehow the same.

Prose for Thought

19 thoughts on “Different, but the same

  1. judithkingston says:

    So true! It does make you think: is sameness necessarily bad…? Perhaps life can sometimes have a groundhog day quality to it, but that can just give us the opportunity to get things right the next time around if we mess up and to get better and better at things we strugglew with.

  2. ha ha – I love the introduction. Sometimes I get really frustrated when I feel stuck in the same routine day in..day out…and my remedy is my blog/writing – calms me down πŸ™‚

  3. Well written and sounds very similar to my days! Sometimes I feel a bit stuck in a rut but then again, if everything stays the same, nothing that bad is happening either so sometimes same is good.

  4. Great poem. My friend had a great analogy about doing the same thing everyday. She said it’s like a Carousel going round and round and round. But then she said that the reason we get on the Carousel, is because it’s so much fun and we always hate it when the ride stops. Whenever I think about the same day over an dover again, I always think of what my friend said. #prose4t

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