Since when did healthy equal skinny?

Diet: a special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons. “I’m going on a diet” synonyms: dietary regime, dietary regimen, dietary programme, restricted diet, crash diet   I bet I can guess how the majority of your conversations are going this January. Let me see…. Someone is Read More


BOB 30 Day Fitness Challenge!

It is precisely 26 days until my birthday…that’s 26 days which I can use to actually get up off my bum and do something more active! I eat well, but exercise always eludes me. Once I get into something regularly then I’m focused…especially if I have a goal. So, seeing as I will be 37 Read More


Slinkiness post holiday!

Gain: Resources or advantage acquired or increased, profit . The act or process of gaining. An increase in amount, magnitude, or degree. So, it’s #slinkylinky Friday; nearly a whole week after I have come back from a very indulgent holiday where, if I’m honest, I had a bit too much to eat. (no surprises there!) Read More



Slinkiness: sleek and sinuous in movement or outline; especially : following the lines of the figure in a gracefully flowing manner (a slinky evening gown) So, as I am writing this post I have returned from a weekend at my mum’s. A weekend that started with a hangover and a Macdonalds for breakfast and continued Read More